Even though many businesses have “gone paperless”, paper documents can still be seen around many offices. In fact, it is not uncommon for businesses to keep paper documents, such as employee pay stubs; photo IDs; documents containing sensitive information such as names, addresses, phone numbers of employees; employment records; corporate reports; etc. With identity theft on the rise, any one of these documents in the wrong hands can cause significant problems for businesses. This is why every business should be careful when disposing of this sensitive information, and the professionals at Shred Monkey of Indianapolis are here to help. Below we’ve listed a few more reasons why your business will benefit from professional shredding services.

Business Document Shredding

Save Space

Stacks and stacks of old, unneeded piles of paper are unsightly, potentially hazardous, and take up space in your workplace. By disposing of discarded paperwork, you can make the workplace flow more smoothly and efficiently. And, it will also make finding important documents easier.

Limit Liability and Risk

As a business, it should be your top priority to protect your clients’ and your employees’ confidential information. In fact, there are many laws that explicitly state that certain businesses must take reasonable efforts to dispose of such information. As a business, you may even be subject to severe liabilities if you fail to comply with such laws.

Prevent Identity Theft

According to the Federal Trade Commission, identity theft was the number one consumer complaint in 2014. The best way to protect your employees is to shred documents such as voided checks, old pay stubs, time cards, health records, copies of photo IDs, and social security cards.

Hard Drive Shredding

Even if your company has gone completely paperless and you have zero physical documents, you are still at risk that your information will be stolen or misused if you don’t correctly dispose of your hard drives. Simply deleting the data that needs to remain confidential does not eliminate the risk of exposure. Many hackers are highly skilled in retrieving data that was thought to be erased. The only way to guarantee such information cannot be accessed is physical destruction of the hard drive.

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