Secure your patient’s right to privacy by taking advantage of the medical records shredding services from Shred Monkey. Since 2005, we have been assisting various healthcare industries with the destruction of medical records in Indianapolis and the surrounding areas. Preserve the confidentiality of your patients’ vital health information by calling our office at (317) 916-1800 to request your free estimate.

Benefits of Confidential Medical Document Destruction

As a medical provider, you understand the importance of protecting your client’s health information. The only secure way to safeguard against hackers stealing this data for personal gain is the safe and secure destruction of medical records. With Shred Monkey’s confidential medical shredding services, not only will each of your patient’s privacy be protected, but your practice will remain free from HIPAA violations, civil penalties, and legal fees. Have confidence in our thorough medical record destruction, knowing that every piece of medical information is destroyed and safe from causing your patients unnecessary harm.

Confidential Medical Document Destruction Indianapolis

Discreet Shredding Services for Your Patients

Our certified team is capable of handling the unique challenges of protecting medical information in the healthcare industry. We have built relationships with doctors, hospitals, chiropractors, dentists, pharmacies, and many other medical facilities. Although we do destroy general medical records, we also safely dispose of the following types of healthcare files:

  • Medical histories
  • Pharmacy records
  • Laboratory results
  • Physical therapy files
  • Medical staff records
  • Hospital files
  • OSHA records
  • And more
Med Monkey Medical Waste Removal Indianapolis

Experienced Medical Waste Disposal Services

Our sister company, Med Monkey, is the premiere medical waste disposal company in the Indianapolis area. We understand the need for safe and proper handling of hazardous biomedical waste. Our licensed team of professionals is fully capable of managing the disposal of regulated medical waste, red bag waste, and dangerous sharps. With our commitment to safety, work ethic, and professionalism, you will find exactly what your healthcare organization needs in all of our waste removal options.

Choose Shred Monkey for Your Medical Document Shredding

Shred Monkey provides discreet medical shredding services in the Indianapolis area including Richmond, Lafayette, and Columbus. Request a free estimate of our services by calling our office at (317) 916-1800. Along with serving the medical industry, we also provide shredding services for law and government offices and banks and financial institutions.