Whether you are a business owner or not, there comes a time to purge sensitive documents. Here at Shred Monkey, we do our best to make that task as easy as possible. No matter the type or number of documents you have, we’re here to help. That is why we offer a convenient drop-off document shredding service.

Drop-Off Document Shredding ServiceConvenient

Sometimes, you can’t wait for the scheduled, recurring document shredding service. Schedules get busy, and important documents need to be properly disposed of. That is why our drop-off shredding service is so convenient. Whether you have one box or several pallets worth of documents, you can drop them off at our Indianapolis location during normal business hours of Tuesday through Friday, from 9 AM to 4 PM. We’ll help you unload the documents and provide you with a certificate of destruction.


Not everyone needs to pay for a recurring service. Your business may not handle a large number of documents, or your personal life may only require shredding once per year. With our drop-off document shredding service, you can pay when you need the service and only when you need it. Take advantage of this option, and keep some money in your pocket.


You name it, we shred it. All Shred Monkey employees are NAID certified and receive full background checks. The shredding process takes place at our facility and is under video surveillance. We also hold regular third-party audits. That is why we are able to shred anything from tax documents and loan applications to pay stubs and bank statements. If it is a document with sensitive information, we’ll shred it.

On top of our drop-off service, Shred Monkey also provides hard drive destruction, medical waste removal, and recurring document shredding. Contact us today at (317) 916-1800 to request an estimate.