While some Americans believe that identity theft mainly applies to individuals, the truth is that businesses are not immune. The same problems that identity thieves cause for individuals can harm a business’s finances and credit history. Additionally, if a business is attacked, it can threaten the livelihood of many employees and customers who rely on the company. To avoid the threat of identity theft for your business, follow these three steps recommended by your friends at Shred Monkey.

How to Protect Your Business from Identity Theft

1. Turn Off the Mail

Mail theft is a simple, but common, entry point for identity thieves to steal a business’s information. Switching your bank statements, credit card bills, human resource files, and other mail, to digital statements can end your susceptibility to mail identity theft. You’ll also have the added benefits of protecting the environment and saving money on stamps and envelopes.

2. Hire a Shredding Service

Instead of just picking up a standard shredder from an office supply store, hire a shredding service to dispose of the documents you aren’t able to digitize. Hiring a service will ensure better security than an office shredder because the company you choose will have high standards and certifications to ensure your privacy. At Shred Monkey, we are proud to carry a NAID Certification so you can have confidence in our process and our employees who handle your documents.

3. Use Strong Passwords

Our final tip to protect your business from identity theft is to use – and encourage your employees to use – strong passwords. Never use common, guessable passwords such as “123456”, “qwerty”, or “password”. Instead, think of unique passwords for every site you use. That way, if one website gets hacked, you won’t be vulnerable everywhere. If coming up with unique passwords is difficult, there are tools online that can help you create long, seemingly random passwords that will not be easily guessed by identity thieves.

Keep yourself, your business, and your employees safe from the threat of identity theft. Contact Shred Monkey today at (317) 916-1800 to learn more about our NAID Certification and other ways we can protect your company. We provide recurring document shreddinghard drive destructiondrop-off shredding, and more, to businesses in Indianapolis, AndersonLafayette, and the surrounding areas.