If you own a business in Indianapolis, you likely have wrestled with the question of whether or not to use a professional shredding company for your document disposal. On the one hand, you may think it’s more convenient to have a document shredder in the office. However, on the other hand, professional shredders are faster and more efficient. So which is right for your office? To help you make that decision, our team at Shred Monkey is addressing three common misconceptions about professional shredding services.

Misconceptions About Shredding

1. Professional Shredding Is Time-Consuming

If you’ve ever used a paper shredder, you know it takes time. Removing staples and clips on documents can be a pain, and often means paying an employee to accomplish the task. However, the beauty of using a professional service is that it doesn’t take any extra time. At Shred Monkey, you can choose what service works best for you. Our mobile document shredding service will come to your business, pick up your documents, and transport them to our secure facility for shredding, or you can bring them to us yourself if that works better for you.

2. Only Big Companies Need Professional Shredding

With identity theft and data breaches becoming a growing problem, professional document destruction is for every business, no matter its size. Whether you have five employees or 500, your business records and documents need to be handled confidentially, especially if your business needs to remain compliant with industry laws and regulations.

3. You Could Do It Yourself

Finally, one of the biggest misconceptions about document shredding is that it doesn’t matter how information is destroyed, as long as it is destroyed. At Shred Monkey, we know that is NOT the case. Using a NAID Certified document shredding company is the only true way to ensure your documents are securely destroyed to the highest standard.

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