When you think about dumpster divers, you probably picture a homeless-looking person going head-first into a dumpster behind a restaurant to find half a sandwich. However, the truth is, that more and more criminals are taking to dumpster diving behind apartment buildings, financial institutions, and other businesses because, quite frankly, it’s a profitable hobby to get into. To protect yourself and your personal business, consider the following blog from Shred Monkey about dumpster divers and learn what you may be doing wrong.

The Truth About Dumpster Diving

Dumpster Diver Misconceptions

Many people get taken advantage of by dumpster divers because they don’t believe they are truly at risk. So, if you think that it’s okay to just tear up your important documents by hand, or that no one will actually take the time to go through your garbage, you could be putting yourself at risk. In fact, dumpster divers will take the time to puzzle together your torn-up sheets of valuable paper, and your home shredding machine isn’t actually deterring anyone from reassembling your receipts, bills, or statements.

What Dumpster Divers Look For

Important documents shredded in a cheap strip shredder are shockingly easy to put back together. Health care insurance cards with your user ID, frequent flier data, credit card information, and passport number can all be used by a dumpster diver to make a quick buck. And unfortunately, it may take you a long time to realize they are using your information because you thought you had destroyed it properly.

How a Dumpster Diver Uses Your Information

Dumpster divers are creative and resourceful when using your information, here are just a few ways they may profit from your mishap:

  1. Apply for loans in your name
  2. Open credit cards in your name
  3. Change billing addresses so you don’t realize what is happening
  4. Obtain multiple mobile phones
  5. Open bank accounts and write checks in your name
  6. Use your debit card
  7. Obtain a new driver’s license or ID 
  8. Use your identity if they get arrested 
  9. Use your airline points
  10. Sell your prescriptions 

Don’t give dumpster divers the opportunity to take advantage of you or your business. When it comes to your company’s data security and the safety of your personal information, there’s no question—you’ve got to hire a shredding company certified in the highest level of security standards. Contact Shred Monkey today at (317) 916-1800 to learn about our NAID Certification and to schedule service. We provide recurring document shredding, hard drive destruction, drop-off shredding, and more, to businesses in the Indianapolis area.