Most businesses these days are all about data. Finances, legal documents, business initiatives, inventory, customer data, and more are stored on hard drives. Eventually, there comes a time when you need to purge outdated data. Not only are there rules and regulations for data disposal, but you also mitigate the risk of a data breach. Take it from the team at Shred Monkey and keep your business safe with HDD destruction.

Keep Your Business Safe with Hard Drive Destruction

Completely Dispose of Data

Simply wiping your hard drives is not enough. Someone looking to breach your data is more than capable of recovering a drive that has only been erased or even one that is slightly damaged. The only truly safe way to protect your hard drive data is to have them shredded and destroyed. Our hard drive destruction service completely smashes the device making it impossible to recover any data.

Free up Space

Keeping old hard drives around takes up space. You might have closets and storage units full of devices that no longer serve a purpose. Dispose of those devices and free up more physical space for your business.

Stay in Compliance

There are many rules and regulations that go along with data storage and disposal. Many important documents need to be kept on hand for so many years before they can be discarded. And when they are discarded, there are careful guidelines in place that must be followed in order to protect businesses, their clients, and customers. At Shred Monkey, all of our employees are NAID AAA certified with full criminal background checks to ensure absolute discretion for our clients.

Ready to take the right step towards protecting your Indianapolis business? Shred Monkey is here to help. On top of hard drive shredding, we can also handle document shredding and medical waste removal. You can contact us today at (317) 916-1800 for a free estimate.