All across America, people are staying home. Not unexpectedly, decluttering has landed at the top of many to-do lists. Now truly is the perfect time to purge unwanted or unused items from your home. As you spend more time in each room of your home, you quickly learn what you need to keep and what is just taking up space. Our team at Shred Monkey invites you to be productive with your time at home. Organization can be a great way to relieve stress during this hard time, so here are three things you can get rid of today.

Decluttering During Quarantine

1. Clothes You Never Wear

Because of the stay-at-home orders, most people are currently living in their loungewear, making this a great time to comb through your closet and figure out what you no longer need. If you haven’t been to work in a while, you have a fresh perspective on your work wardrobe. A good rule of thumb: if you haven’t worn something in a year, it’s time for it to find a new home. Selling or donating might be tricky right now, but many places are still taking contactless donations. If you aren’t able to fully get rid of them, at least get them out of your closet.

2. Expired Pantry Items

If you were well-organized and managed to do a little stockpiling of nonperishable food items, you may find your pantry is a little cramped these days. Now is a great time to toss any expired items like spices, rice, pasta, or other dry goods. Many of us are getting creative with our pantry items to avoid going to the grocery store; however, it’s still important to be sure not to consume expired food.

3. Old Papers and Mail

It’s extremely easy for important papers and mail to pile up on you. However, quarantine and the end of tax season makes this a really good time to go through your documents and papers. Start by getting rid of papers you don’t need and that don’t have your personal information on them. Then move on to personal documents like bank statements, medical bills, and other papers that contain personal information and set them aside to be shredded. Now is also a good time to consider going paperless by switching over to digital statements wherever possible.

Use your time at home wisely and work towards a clutter-free home. Our one-time purge documents shredding or drop-off shredding service are perfect options for de-cluttering your home. Contact our Indianapolis office today at (317) 916-1800 to request a free estimate.