Most businesses eventually find themselves in need of document destruction. Whether it’s one-time shredding, or a weekly necessity, it’s tempting to complete the destruction in-house instead of hiring out. After all, it’s as easy as running a piece of paper through a shredder, right? Not necessarily. At Shred Monkey, we encourage you to take a closer look at document destruction and the complications that arise when doing it in-house.

Complications of In-House Shredding

1. Time-Consuming

Depending on the volume of documents you need destroyed, the shredding process can take up a significant amount of time. Consistent and reliable shredding takes a dedicated employee that is able to organize the papers, remove clips or staples, and shred the appropriate documents. They will also need to be responsible for cleaning up after themselves and taking the shredded papers to the dumpster. Unless you are able to hire someone for just this purpose, it’s likely that an office employee would quickly become overwhelmed with this responsibility on top of his or her other tasks.

2. Equipment Failure

When using your own shredder, there is always the possibility that it could malfunction or break down completely. This leads to further complications, as you’ll either need to hire a repairman or drive to an off-site office store to complete the job. Transporting the documents may result in lost or misplaced papers, and your office worker will have to spend even more time driving back and forth.

3. Standard Requirements

Finally, when you shred in-house, you are not held to the same compliance standards as professional shredders are. Sensitive documents containing bank statements, healthcare records, and private correspondence require specialized destruction processes in order for a business to remain compliant. Without those standards, you are putting your business and clients at risk, and it is not worth the money saved.

When it comes to your company’s data security and the safety of your personal information, there’s no question—you’ve got to hire a shredding company certified in the highest level of security standards. Contact Shred Monkey today at (317) 916-1800 to learn about our NAID Certification and to schedule service. We provide recurring document shredding, hard drive destruction, drop-off shredding, and more, to businesses in the Indianapolis area.