Shred Monkey goes GREEN!

Shred Monkey is the only company in Indiana that has a triple ‘A’ NAID (National Association for Information Destruction) Certification for on-site, off-site and drop-off shredding. The industry is going environmentally friendly and we too are following by offering only off-site or drop-off options. This decision will have several benefits to your company:

  1. Off-site is greener (and quieter). You will not have a loud, noise truck running beside your building while you are working, and belching carbon into the atmosphere.
  1. Your confidential papers aren’t unloaded into a shred truck outdoors exposing them to wind, rain, etc.

Off-site shredding is Shred Monkey keeping the documents in secure containers, loading them into a secure vehicle, unloading and shredding them in a secure facility (camera with 90 days worth of CCTV, alarms, etc).  All of your material is shredded, baled and loaded into a mill truck right here.  We invite you to visit us and view this new environmentally friendly way of protecting your privacy.

Greener & Healthier: 17 trees are saved every time we unloaded our on-site shred trucks. With off-site shredding we are now saving 102+ trees every time we load a truck with shredded material.  Diesel fuel is linked to asthma, cancer, and other health related issues. By not shredding on-site, we are keeping the equivalent of 300+ cars off the road each day!


Hoosiers Endure Nightmarish ID Theft

Identity theft is a pervasive problem in Indiana, ensnaring an average of 12 people every day, according to the attorney general’s office.  Nationally and in Indiana, identity theft has emerged as the No. 1 consumer crime, leaving nightmarish stories of deception and fraud that cause legal troubles, financial woes and personal anguish for victims.


The Federal Trade Commission said that identity theft affects enough people each year to fill Lucas Oil Stadium 138 times. The latest federal report from 2009 indicated that at least 80 Hoosiers a week reported being victims. The stolen information is primarily used to open credit cards, tap into government benefits or obtain utility services.


Homes and jobs can be lost when someone steals your identity.  It can take up to a year to recover from identity theft, and each year, 9 million more people become victims.


Shred Monkey CONFIDENTIALLY shreds documents for both residential and Business.


Why shred paper?

In the United States, as many as 12 million Americans are victims of identity theft per year.

  • 40-50% of identity theft victims are made aware of identity theft within 3 months of the illegal action. 10-20% of the victims; however, take 4 years or longer to discover the illegal infiltration of their personal and financial information.
  • Victims of identity theft spend from 3 to 5,840 hours repairing damages realized through identity theft. This wide range is due to the varying levels of severity present in the crime—a lost credit card, for example, will require less time repairing than a compromised social security number. The total average of time spent repairing the damages realized through identity theft is approximately 330 hours.
  • 26-32% of victims will spend a period of 4 to 6 months dealing with their particular case, while 11-23% of victims will take over 7 months to repair and resolve the consequences of their particular case.
  • Nearly $250 billion a year is lost by businesses who are victims of identity theft. On average, a victim of identity theft will lose between $2,000 and $14,000; victims will subsequently spend an average of $851 to $1,400 in expenses related to their case.

By shredding your confidential information, you prevent someone from stealing your identity and becoming one of the statistics above! Restosundsecge