Shred Monkey goes GREEN!

Shred Monkey is the only company in Indiana that has a triple ‘A’ NAID (National Association for Information Destruction) Certification for on-site, off-site and drop-off shredding. The industry is going environmentally friendly and we too are following by offering only off-site or drop-off options. This decision will have several benefits to your company:

  1. Off-site is greener (and quieter). You will not have a loud, noise truck running beside your building while you are working, and belching carbon into the atmosphere.
  1. Your confidential papers aren’t unloaded into a shred truck outdoors exposing them to wind, rain, etc.

Off-site shredding is Shred Monkey keeping the documents in secure containers, loading them into a secure vehicle, unloading and shredding them in a secure facility (camera with 90 days worth of CCTV, alarms, etc).  All of your material is shredded, baled and loaded into a mill truck right here.  We invite you to visit us and view this new environmentally friendly way of protecting your privacy.

Greener & Healthier: 17 trees are saved every time we unloaded our on-site shred trucks. With off-site shredding we are now saving 102+ trees every time we load a truck with shredded material.  Diesel fuel is linked to asthma, cancer, and other health related issues. By not shredding on-site, we are keeping the equivalent of 300+ cars off the road each day!